Friday, January 28, 2011

Football Trumps Politics

Take a close look at who came to last night's football game at Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem's Sacher Park:

In the center, kaffiyeh-headed, is Haj Ibrahim Ahmad Abu El-Hawa of the Jerusalem Peace Makers an "Interfaith group for Understanding, Reconciliation, and Peace".  We spoke afterwards, in Arabic (okay, mine is still basic) and English and he gave me his card.  Who knows, maybe more gridiron and less grit and iron?

After all, three Arab residents, brothers, from Beit Hanina play for the Judean Rebels.

Haaretz yesterday had this:

This week in the IFL sees a Thursday doubleheader in the capital at Kraft Stadium. The Gush Texas Judean Rebels and Big Blue Jerusalem Lions both hold 6-1 records and the result of their bout could determine which of the teams ends up with a first-round bye in the playoffs.

But they lost to my son's team, the Jerusalem Lions, 40-16.

Almost two decades ago, I tried convincing interested-in-peace diplomats that going the indirect route to achieve coexistence understanding was the best path to peace. They listened politely but though they knew better.

Oh well.

Here's a pre-game Channel Two TV report, in Hebrew.


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