Friday, January 28, 2011

Proud to Be an "Anti-Semite"

This is how values devolve:

At The Nation:

posted by: DejaVu at 01/27/2011 @ 3:49pm

"It's come to the point where being branded an "anti-semite" is actually quite a compliment, meaning someone who has the courage and decency to stand for justice and the innocent in the face of such hideous and vile criminality. Thank you for your piece."

The "piece" was written by Naomi Klein who is a fellow at The Nation Institute.

Yes, things can get mixed up.

Like this, in Klein klutz-clop:

...The Goldstone Report is a serious, fair-minded and extremely disturbing document—which is precisely why the Israeli strategy since its publication has been to talk about pretty much everything except the substance of the report. Distractions have ranged from further posturing about the UN’s bias, to smear campaigns about Justice Goldstone’s personal history, to claims that the report is an integral part of a grand conspiracy to deny Israel’s right to exist...

Writing like that can make one anti-progressive. Proudly so.

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rick richman said...

Reminds me of Alvin Rosenfeld's phrase: "Jews who are proud to be ashamed they are Jews."

YMedad said...

Actually, it's a spin-off of Groucho Marx's "I wouldn;t be a member of any country club that would have me as a member". It was Groucho, yes?