Friday, January 21, 2011

Are Holes for Going In - or Going Out?

Macy Gray, a singer, was forced to defend her decision to appear in Israel from those claiming she was supporting apartheid, and even a Nazi-like regime.

On her Facebook page, posters asked her

"would you play a show in Nazi Germany if you had fans there?" To which Gray responded with "think about that. I wouldn't have fans there".

The singer noted that she was overwhelmed by the response to her Facebook post and said "I wasn't expecting any of this. But I am listening and I don't support oppression."

But things began to go out of control:

It appeared that Gray was taken aback by the aggressive tone of some of the posts. In response to a poster claiming to be "passionately Palestinian" she wrote: "See I'm willing to listen - really listen - but some of you so called boycotters are just assholes."

As for that image, I think there are too little things going in: information, facts and compassion, understanding and perspective and to many things going out: hate, animosity, hypocrisy, et al.

P.S. At her site, this motto:

"I want to be as famous as midnight. As powerful as a gun. As loved as a pizza." - Macy Gray 2007

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