Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pics From Friday's Visit Around Shiloh

With great pleasure, my wife and I hosted a journalism graduate student over the Shabbat and I Friday, withthe assistance of Marc Prowiser's all-terrain vehicle, off we went to the hills:

a) just north of Keida and off and below the old Camp Keida, a new outlook position is being contructed.  That's Sartaba in the far distance and Duma village close up:

b) Camp Keida seen from the west:

c) on that hill were the two structures of Alei-Ayin:

d) a deep hole in the ground, used for snappeling training for emergency crews:

e) the southern line of bedrock at Tel Shiloh, thought to be the Tabernacle Courtyard, on the north plateau of the Tel:

f) new construction work at Shiloh:

g) progress and growth of new communities in nthe Shiloh Bloc:


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