Monday, January 24, 2011

"Palestinians" as Terrorists - Not Militants

As reported:-

Egypt's interior minister charged Sunday that a Palestinian extremist group with links to Al Qaeda was behind the Dec. 31 bombing outside a church in Alexandria that killed 21 people and set off days of sectarian rioting around the nation.

In a nationally televised speech, the minister, Habib el-Adly, said the authorities had “conclusive evidence” linking the attack on Egyptian Christians to the Army of Islam, a militant group based in the Gaza Strip.
Mr. Adly said that investigators had arrested several Egyptian men connected to the attack and that they had provided details about how they were recruited by the Gaza group.

“These despicable terrorist acts will not get the better of the will of the nation and the nobility of Egypt, where the principles of moderation and the values of tolerance and acceptance of others and renouncing violence and terrorism has taken root in the consciousness of its people through the centuries,” Mr. Adly said in a speech that marked Police Day, which will be observed Tuesday.

Could that be "Palestinian terrorists" as in "terrorists"?

Not "militants"?

Of course, those Egyptians could just be deflecting.

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