Sunday, January 23, 2011

Looking at the Reality on the Ground - The Topography of Judea & Samaria

In addition to the great new material being published by the Yesha Council, here last year and now this one which shows the rise of the hills in Judea and Samaria dominating the coastal plain (an English version is now being prepared):

there were these maps which I used, taken from a book in Hebrew by Aryeh Shalev, entitled "Kav Hagana Biyehudah uvaShomron" (The West Bank [Judea and Samaria]: Line of Defense) published in 1983 by Kibbutz Meuchad.

The first shows Israel and Judea and Samaria and the longitudinal distances:

This one displays Samaria, the northern section of the area:

And this, both Judea as well as Gaza:

And most importantly, and it is a bit better than the Moetzet Yesha map in one aspect, here is a view of the heights and depths of the land, showing how the hill region of Judea and Samaria really do command a controlling strategic postion over Israel within the Green Line borders:

The top shows a line from Tel Mond to Shchemn through Har Kabir and on into Jordan and the second lower one from Yavneh to Atarot (just north of Jerusalem) to Jericho.
Maps are quite important.


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