Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Arab "Logic"; More Arab Lying

A second Arab teenager was killed in the area between the Jelazoun refugee residency and the Bet El Jewish community.

Yesterday, one was shot as he prepared to throw a Molotov cocktail, a repeat performance over the past few weeks - which was the reason the army's ambush was in place.

Muhammed al-Ramahi, A 17-year-old Palestinian was critically wounded on Wednesday evening after being shot by IDF troops in the Jilazun refugee camp near Ramallah. The army said the soldiers opened fire after the youth hurled a Molotov cocktail.

And the day previously:-

Troops from the same unit, part of the Kfir infantry brigade's Lavi battalion, on Tuesday shot dead a 17-year-old Palestinian who tried to throw a fire bomb near the West Bank settlement of Beit El. Soldiers found next to the teen's body a cache of ten other fire bombs, which he apparently planned on hurling at the settlement. According to the IDF, two other Palestinians fled the scene.

Why were these young men engaged in violence?


PA official from Ramallah told Ynet that the army was conducting patrols in the refugee camp with no apparent reason, and this in turn provokes youths to attack the troops – a phenomenon which has faded in recent years.

Let's deconstruct that statement.

a. If the army was indeed conducting patrols, why attack a civilian Jewish community?

b. Could the attacks have come first and the army was responding?

c. Why was the official lying that the boys were attacking troops?

Note, an item from October 11, four days before the latest shootings:-

Two firebomb attacks were reported in the town of Beit El, also in Samaria. Two Arab youths were arrested on Friday afternoon just outside Beit El as they prepared firebombs for throwing. A month ago, two Arabs were seriously wounded when soldiers shot them as they firebombed a Beit El neighborhood.

And this is from October 8 at another area, Efrat, south of Jerusalem:-

Arabs threw a firebomb at an Israeli motorist late on Monday night. The attack took place near Efrat, south of the Arab village of el-Hader.

d. So, if troops had been sniping at firebomber throwers a month ago, why would these youths think it smart to try it for themselves? Is this logical?

What is it that drives Arabs to try to kill Jews and to do so in the most illogical of circumstances for their own safety?



IDF troops shot dead an armed Palestinian early Thursday as he was preparing to throw a Molotov cocktail at soldiers in the West Bank village of Kufr Malik. The IDF said he was one of three men an army patrol spotted carrying firebombs under cover of darkness and he was shot when he ignored warning fire. The other two escaped.

Palestinian medics identified the dead man as Aziz Yousef, 20,

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