Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Livni Will Pay

Nahum Barnea is considered a court jester newspaper hack for Ehud Olmert and the Left in general (he started off at the now defunct Davar, the daily of the Histadrut trade union).

He had this to write about Tzipi Livni:-

In a short speech she read at the Presidential Residence, and in interviews she granted to the three major television channels, she reinforced the argument that she has no government because she did not cave in to extortion. When she said “there are prices that others are willing to pay but I am unwilling to pay at the expense of the State and its citizens, only to be a prime minister in a government of paralysis,” she was referring to Mofaz a little, and mostly to Netanyahu.

Livni is convinced that Netanyahu made exaggerated pledges to the ultra-orthodox parties – Netanyahu vehemently denies this. She also believes that Bibi acquired accessibility into Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s family with money. “If someone is willing to sell out what he believes in for a seat, he is unworthy of sitting on it,” she said.

Rest assured, readers, when it comes to giving up territory, yielding on conditions for security, surrendering historic and religious sites, Tzipi will pay. She will pay almost any price - despite her previous declaration that she is connected to the Temple Mount as with an umbilical cord.

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