Thursday, October 23, 2008

Surprise! New Yesha PR Campaign Does Not Surprise Peace Now

You remember the new Yesha PR campaign?

It "more than doubled the number of Israelis who visited West Bank settlements during the holidays, according to organisers."

But, not everyone was excited about its success.

And not everyone who opposed it wrote about it in blogs, as the JC reports:-

However, the response was not entirely positive. Viral emails circulated in response to the campaign showed spoof adverts featuring images of the abuse of Palestinians - including a photo showing alleged settler abuse near Susia - in place of the smiling pictures of children dressed as biblical characters.

Elsewhere, billboard posters were vandalised with anti-occupation graffiti.

And left-wing groups were also critical of the initiative. "I would have been surprised if following the huge amount of money that was invested in the campaign, the settlers would not have succeeded in bringing more visitors to the West Bank," said Yariv Oppenheimer, the head of Peace Now.

"But I don't feel that any great breakthrough in public opinion was achieved."

Mr Oppenheimer, who received death threats in Tel Aviv earlier this week, noted that "the campaign tries to present the settlers' pleasant side, and it's a shame that its initiators were not able to deal with these severe domestic problems they have."

Yariv, with all the money you people have been spending for the last 30 years, where's your success?

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