Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Quoted in The Washington Post

In a Linda Gradstein piece:-

Even some veteran settler leaders are concerned about increasing radicalism. Yisrael Medad, a settler spokesman, said young settlers are angry with settlement leaders for not doing enough to stop the Gaza withdrawal. Many settlers, he said, are suspicious that the government is planning a much larger withdrawal from the West Bank, and they are determined to prevent that.

"There are radical elements who are reacting less responsibly than we would like to see them do," he said. "There are a few hotheads running off and doing things of a criminal and violent nature, and we are trying to deal with it educationally."


Not bad for an almost 30 minute interview.

Rest assured, I said a lot more.

And I do not use the term "settlers". It's either "residents" or "revenants".


Iron Chef Kosher! said...

I see that they were careful to say that you said "settlers" without putting that word within the quote marks. I suppose demanding a retraction would get you nothing but ridicule....

Keep up the good work!

YMedad said...