Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That's What Blogs Are For, Non?

Blogs can come in ueful for all sorts of needs.

IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn had only a "one-night stand" with a member of the world finance body's staff, so his wife yesterday couldn't see what all the fuss was about.

"We have moved on," French journalist Anne Sinclair said, insisting in her blog she still loves her husband.

"il y a l’enquête interne au FMI. On attend sereinement sa conclusion. Cela devrait être rapide. Et il y a le reste, qui relève de notre vie privée, sur laquelle je n’ai
pas l’intention de m’exprimer. Voici juste, avant que ne se propagent des rumeurs malveillantes, quelques éléments rapides : chacun sait que ce sont des choses qui peuvent arriver dans la vie de tous les couples ; pour ma part, cette aventure d’un soir est désormais derrière nous ; nous avons tourné la page. Puis-je ajouter pour conclure que nous nous aimons comme au premier jour. Voilà. Je ne reviendrai plus sur ce sujet."

Dicey details:-

The International Monetary Fund has launched an inquiry into the 59-year-old managing director after he admitted an affair with a Hungarian staffer, Piroska Nagy.

Ms Nagy quit the IMF's Africa section and is now working for the London-based European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The inquiry is looking into whether Mr Strauss-Kahn showed favouritism toward Ms Nagy, and whether he sought retribution once their relationship ended, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The investigation is also looking at Ms Nagy's severance package.

"There is an internal inquiry. We are awaiting its conclusion. It should be quick," Mr Strauss-Kahn's wife said.

Don't you just love the French double entendre?


The French press has dubbed DSK's sexual misbehaviour with Hungarian former IMF employee Piroska Nagy a "crac-crac". Making crac-crac is slang which means playing away from home...The scandal has gone so far that DSK's distinguished wife, Anne Sinclair, a journalist who is the French equivalent of Anna Ford, has had to post an announcement on her website saying that the Nagy affair was a "one-night stand" and the couple have since got over it.

Sinclair's response is typical of a sophisticated Frenchwoman. It's vastly different from Hillary Clinton's public long face after Bill dallied with Monica. Still, people are worried.

"God, I hope we are not becoming Puritans like the Americans," moaned my friend Alix...until now, the French have been more relaxed. "Sexual promiscuity within a French marriage is like getting a coffee in the morning," one friend confided to me. Yet Sarkozy, regarded as a serial philanderer before Carla got her claws into him (rumour is his eye is already wandering), is acting like a baptist minister. Since when did family values matter to the Elysée Palace?

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