Monday, October 27, 2008

First Spies, Then Wells and Now Wife-swapping?

Now why would he want to do that? (if he did)

And why Egyptians?

And what's there to be unpleasant? Except for the antisemitism of this story.

Oh, the story takes place in Egypt?

Sure, after all, there are only two Jews left in Iraq.

Iraqi Jew Involved in Wives Swap Case

Investigation in the wives swap case revealed that an Iraqi Jew helped the main suspect to establish a website to promote wives swap.

It also revealed that the main suspect is 49 years old and is a government employee. He and his wife, a school teacher, had sex with three other couples.

He said that he chose only three out of 44 Egyptian couples because they met the precondition that their marriage be official and not customary so as to guarantee confidentiality. “The rest were rejected because they were not pleasant,” he said.

The police also arrested a lawyer in a café in Giza while he was finalizing a swap deal that the suspect had arranged for him.

The suspect also arranged the same for a young man from the Gulf and his wife for this weekend.

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