Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah (aka Schlepper) Silverman "Flops"

After bombing on Jonathan Ross, the 'world's hottest comedian' Sarah Silverman flops on London stage

She bombed as a guest on Jonathan Ross's show on Friday night and now Sarah Silverman has flopped on stage too. Hailed as the 'world's hottest, most controversial comedian', Silverman made her full-length UK debut at London's Hammersmith Apollo last night in front of an audience that included Hollywood star Keanu Reeves.

The 37-year-old comedian charged £35 for a performance of less than an hour, where she appeared anxious and uncomfortable.

Dressed in a newly-purchased Topshop mini-skirt, the taboo jokes were still there, including gags about abortion and rape.

Silverman was given a truffle which she pretended to lick before putting down her cleavage

Sarah has cleavage? (*) Well, she was booed.

However overall ' the funniest woman alive' - a moniker bestowed on her by Rolling Stone magazine - failed to impress. This disappointing performance follows her erratic one on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross where she appeared at times distracted and lost in thought.

"I'm very, very famous in America," Sarah Silverman tells us. With this debut UK gig, alongside her Friday-night turn on Jonathan Ross and the DVD release of her film Jesus Is Magic, she hoped to bring Britain into line. But UK celebrity might have to wait - this performance ended in near revolt, as a 3,500-strong crowd who had paid up to £50 per ticket demanded more from a comedian who delivered only 45 minutes of comedy.

Sarah, you're over-hyped," shouted a heckler.

Steve Bennett from comedy website Chortle complained that "minute for minute, there are sex phonelines that are cheaper than Sarah Silverman".

Time Out's website: "I've never been to a more sad-sack performance in my life - if you can't produce a single slice of new material, then don't put on a show in the first place," he said.

"When the lights went up, I thought it was a joke, and when she was cajoled into coming back onto the stage it was almost embarrassing - utterly pathetic."

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Anonymous said...

I watched Sarah Silverman on Jonathan Ross and another British comedy show, she looked very uncomfortable and misty trying to understand some jokes.

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