Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Weakness & Hesitancy Seep Down

Police officers on Tuesday criticized the results of the initial investigation into last week's terror attack at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem, in which eight students were killed, as presented by Jerusalem District Police chief Aharon Franco to senior commanders on Monday.

...An officer who attended Monday's meeting said Tuesday that that the incident report raised questions about its timeline, from the terrorist's entry into the yeshiva until his death.

...Franco was unable to explain whether Shapira got the hat from the patrol officer or perhaps from a second officer, a detective who was at the scene but who, like the patrol officer, also declined to confront the terrorist.

The behavior of the patrol officer, who waited at the yeshiva entrance while the terrorist continued to shoot at the students, was criticized by the officers at the meeting. "Franco said the officer explained that he preferred to 'freeze the situation,' in police lingo, to prevent civilians from entering," one officer said. "But the officer's approach was simply wrong and unprofessional. If civilians are being shot inside the yeshiva, an officer can't stand outside and not go in. It is unacceptable for a police officer to behave in that manner during a terror attack," he said.


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