Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Purim Putz Award Presentation

A woman has sued the company behind Oprah Winfrey's TV chat show, claiming she was injured when audience members rushed to find seats at a recording. Orit Greenberg has demanded $50,000 (£25,100) in damages after allegedly being pushed down a flight of stairs. She said this caused her "severe and permanent injuries" and claimed the crowd in the studio was not properly controlled by Harpo Studios staff.

The production company declined to comment on her allegations. Harpo Studios told the Associated Press it did not make statements about impending legal cases.

Ms Greenberg claimed she was hurt in December 2006 while attending a recording of the programme in the US city of Chicago. Audience members were told to sit wherever they wanted, which led to the rush, according to the legal documents she has filed.

Orit Greenberg?


Gee, shouldn't she be used to pushing and shoving while on line?

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