Monday, March 17, 2008

But Are They Still Under Arrest?

The BBC last night confirmed that four of its journalists have been arrested during an Irish police anti-terrorist operation in Co Donegal against dissident republicans.
It is understood the reporters and researchers were meeting leading figures connected to the Real IRA. They had been working for the BBC Northern Ireland television programme Spotlight on a programme on the recent upsurge in Real IRA terrorism.

The four were detained along with seven other men in the border county yesterday. The Garda Siochána confirmed they were being held about "ongoing paramilitary activities".

A BBC spokesman said: "We can confirm that some of those arrested in Co Donegal are BBC journalists. They were working on a BBC Northern Ireland current affairs investigation and had full editorial authorisation of the BBC's guidelines.
"Those others present were fully aware that they were BBC journalists." Security forces in Northern Ireland are on high alert over fears of a Real IRA offensive to coincide with the Queen's visit to Belfast and Armagh later this week.

Now, where is Allan Johnston when you need him?

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