Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here Comes Purim

This is a take-off on this item:-

Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivor group denies legitimacy of mosque on Temple Mount Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST Mar. 10, 2008

There has never been a muslim presence on the Temple Mount, Doris Wise Montrose, President of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Los Angeles, said Tuesday during a press conference she convened in Los Angeles to support the voices calling for the expulsion of Arab residents of the city of Jerusalem who participate in terror activities against Israel.

"Those calling for the expulsion of Arab residents of east Jerusalem should be the voices of the Israeli government and all the Jewish people in the diaspora strongly support this plan and call for its immediate implementation," Montrose said at the conference. She went on further to declare that Palestinians do not exist and never have. "It is another lie perpetrated by Arabs. They are stupid and belong in the trash can."

She went on to deny any Arab or muslim historical claim to the city, denying that there ever existed an Arab presence on the Temple Mount let alone a mosque from which only Islamic terrorists emanate.

"The claims of the Arabs are big lies and they have no right to any speck of dust here," she said.

Arabs, she claimed, were carrying out extensive digs under the Temple Mount, and were hiding destructive tunnels under the compound which had already caused damage to the Temple Mount and several homes of Jews.

"I think that we are at a critical time. We believe that Temple Mount is in danger and that it continues to be under occupation by Arabs, and we believe that Jerusalem is in danger because it is under occupation by Muslim Arabs," Montrose said. "Jerusalem is not only houses - it is Jewish faith, it is Jewish history, it is Jewish culture, it is a present, a future and an eternal right that we Jews will never relinquish."

In January, Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz filed an indictment against Sheikh Raed Salah, charging him with incitement to violence and racism in a speech he made last year protesting the archeological dig carried out at the Old City's Mughrabi Gate.

During his sermon in Jerusalem's Wadi Joz neighborhood on February 16 of last year, Salah urged Muslim Arab supporters to start a third intifada in order to "save al-Aksa Mosque, free Jerusalem and end the occupation." Salah's speech also attacked Jews, saying, "They want to build their temple at a time when our blood is on their clothes, on their doorsteps, in their food and in their drinks. Our blood has passed from one 'general terrorist' to another 'general terrorist.'"

Last Thursday night, an Arab resident of Jerusalem murdered eight Jewish children in cold blood injuring eleven more Jewish children. May Gd avenge their death.

Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Los Angeles calls for an immediate end to the Arab occupation of Israel.

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