Thursday, March 13, 2008

There Goes a Pound of My Flesh

B'Tselem's file at the Israeli Ministry of Justice’s regulatory body for nonprofit organizations (Rasham Ha-Amutot) declares the following donations in 2006 (this is the most current information available, the list is not exhaustive):

€100,000 from the European Instrument for Human Rights and Democracy (EIDHR),
Two grants worth €54,000 and €164,090 from the European Commission
CHF 99,983 (or 349,728 NIS) from the Swiss department of Foreign Affairs,
$45,961 (or 193,167 NIS) from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry,
$5,000 (or 23,000 NIS) from The New Israel Fund.
Two separate donations from the Ford Foundation:
$100,000 (or 449,500 NIS), to be spent over 2006 and 2007
$24,774 (or 115,000 NIS) for use in 2006.


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