Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Miracle in Shiloh...Ohio

So, headcovering does have advantages.

Did scarf help stop stray bullet? Shiloh woman OK after being struck in head

A simple white scarf may have helped to save a 71-year-old Shiloh woman's life Monday. Mary Keesy was taken to MedCentral/ Mansfield Hospital shortly after 11 a.m. Monday, after a bullet from a .22-caliber rifle struck the top of her head.

Keesy said she feels lucky to be alive.

"The bullet skidded about four and a half inches and then penetrated through the skin, but I didn't feel any pain," Keesy said. "I had just this thin scarf on my head, but the doctors said it probably had a lot to do with saving me."
Richland County Sheriff's deputies said two 17-year-old boys were issued summonses for negligent assault. Both admitted to shooting rifles into the air near the railroad tracks on Noble Road, about one mile from Keesy's home at 16 Prospect St.

..."I didn't have any surgery or anything," she said. "I was told the bullet went through all the layers of my skin and reached my skull, but it didn't penetrate it."

...Despite the hole now in the middle of her scarf, Keesy said she plans to keep it as souvenir.

"This is just an example of the power of the Lord," Keesy said. "I know that God was with me and that's why I'm still here."

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Anonymous said...

Her head was covered, her injuries were miraculously light, and the cause of it was from shots fired into the air?

Are you sure it was Shiloh, Ohio?