Thursday, March 27, 2008

Give Me That Ol' Time Religion

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Peace is not only the concern of Governments or political leaders. Efforts to bring about peace need active support from people around the world.
The conflict in the Middle East, Islamophobia and antisemitism are usually fed and exacerbated by the preachings of fundamentalists using God or the Holy writings as a pretext.

Religious ministers of Judaism and Islam lead great communities worldwide and have the power to influence believers. They have a responsibility concerning the marginalisation and vigorous struggle against extremists and hate-talk by people who claim to belong to their religion.

Moreover they can create awareness by preparing people to honour peace and then to act for peace by showing their indignation at any signs of hate and intolerance that may emerge in their own community. First in Brussels in January 2005 and then in Seville in March 2006, the World Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace strongly proclaimed its determination to officially renew the Judeo-Muslim dialogue.

In the presence of international observers, experts and representatives of other religions, Imams and Rabbis expressed their disagreements and their differing visions, but they also stressed their common heritage and the ethical philosophy of their respective religion. Finally, they took a strong, public stand against terrorism, poverty and extremism.

This rapprochement contributes to changing the way the Jews and the Muslims look at the world, but also how the world looks at the Jews and the Muslims.

Although, this dialogue is first and foremost for Jews and Muslims, it is not exclusively for them. It is open to all, believers or not, who want to build bridges and link human beings.

I'm pretty sure I commented on their last effort of two years ago (now, where did I do that?) and basically said that this is a fairly useless endeavor. The wild-eyed immams won't come and the wishy-washy Rabbis are not truly representative of Jewish nationalist interests, not to mention that the immas who do show - have no power to stop the terror and violence.

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