Friday, March 21, 2008

Jewish Week's Purim Spoof


Purim 08: 33 Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis Ban Purim
Purim '08: Israel At 60 - Medical Report
Purim '08: Beatles To Sing In Israel
Purim '08: Spitzer Offered Post As President Of Israel
Purim '08: UJA Completes Strategic 'Sweep'
Purim '08: Another Coup For Rosen
Purim '08: Lynne Spears Joins Rabbis in 'Yeshiva Week' Warning
Purim '08: Conservative Movement Split Over Unity Agreement
Purim '08: Ex-CIA Director Proposes Creative Ceasefire
Purim '08: Waterboarding May Be Kosher, Mukasey Insists
Purim '08: Rabbinical Writers Guild Strike Continues
Purim '08: Renewed Hope For Israeli Baseball
Purim '08: Too Many Jewish Groups? New One Formed To Study Problem
Purim '08: Rabbis Announce Choice For President
Purim '08: Rabbis Arrested In Money Laundering Scam
Purim '08: Hamas Recognized Israel

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