Wednesday, December 28, 2011

That Areikat Is Still Lying But Thank You, Maen

My third blog post on him yesterday was, alas, premature. He continues to lie. Maen is mean.

EoZ already has fisked his op-ed in the Washington Post entitled "Palestine, a history rich and deep". Rich and deep with prevarications and misrepresentations.

His purpose in writing is "to tell you what the Palestinians, as a people, are all about." And what does he tell?

a) "We go far back, much further than those doubting our existence can remember. Jericho, my home town, goes as far back as 10,000 B.C., making it the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world."

Jericho has nothing to do with Arabs.

b) "We Palestinians also happen to live in a place that many consider important, at the crossroads of three continents and containing a site of holy reverence for more than half of the world’s population."

Yes, and the y all they can to combat other religions and cultures.

c) "We lived under the rule of a plethora of empires: the Canaanites, Egyptians, Philistines, Israelites, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Mongols, Ottomans and, finally, the British."

First of all, that list is chronologically off and should be:

Canaanites, Egyptians, Philistines, Israelites, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Arabs, Crusaders, Mongols, Ottomans and, finally, the British.

Secondly, since the Arabs arrived, as conquerors and then occupiers of someone else's county in 638 CE, - and that someone else were those "Israelites", he is claiming a false historical narrative.

d) "Centuries of rule by an eclectic assortment have taught us that empires come and go but legacies and values remain."

But they are part of that category of empires, the one that raged out of the Arabian Peninsula in the first third of the 7th century, some 16 centuries after the First Temple, 20 centuries after the Tabernacle was erected at Shiloh, where I live.

e) "We proudly carry those values today. Family is sacred, education is indispensable, and religious tolerance is innate."


f) "Many in the United States forget that Palestinians are Muslims and Christians. They ignore the fact that Palestinian Christians are the descendants of Jesus and guardians of the cradle of Christianity."

So, no Jew can be a "Palestinian"? No Jew is a descendant of those who lived in Eretz-Yisrael since the time of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Samuel, Saul, David, Solomon, Ezra?

g) "Our recent history became intertwined with the plight of European Jewry seeking an end to centuries of persecution brought upon them by the West."

Yes, and the Arabs of the Palestine Mandate joined up with Hitler and the Nazis.

h) "Before World War II, Palestinians and Jews living in Palestine enjoyed times of great harmony."

And when was that? In 1920 when the Arabs killed Jews in Jerusalem in a political pogrom? In 1921, when Jews were murdered in Jaffa? In 1929, when Jews were slaughtered and raped and mutiliated by the score in Hebron and in other communities? During 1936-1939 when over 500 Jews were killed in the "Arab Revolt"?

i) "That period ended in 1948, however, and a conflict began."

It ended when Israel was born, the Zionists having accepted (yet another territorial compromise called ) Partition and the Arabs refused and launched the war of 1947-1949 when over 6000 Jews were killed, most of them civilians.

j) "It triggered our characteristic defense mechanism,"

So, terror is now a defensive mechanism, or did not terror come first, causing the Jews to be defensive?

k) "We developed our political representation"

The PLO was an Egyptian invention and without the intervention of neighboring Arab countries, as early as 1930, the Arabs of the Palestinme Mandate would be nowhere on their own.

l) "The two-state solution was this national platform. We agreed to confine our right to self-determination and statehood on only 22 percent of what used to be our historic homeland"

That two-state platform, if it does exist (and it still is the "stages solution", actually), was only adopted in 1993 at Oslo.

m) "With our can-do spirit, we built the institutions of the state"

Those "institutions" are non-transparent, undemocratic, elections have been postponed for years, Hamas and Fatah are divided, killing each other, repressing each other and have trouble "reconciling".

n) "We, the only remaining people under military occupation in the world"

Area A, where some 90% of the Arab population resides is under full PA control. And if there would be no terror, there would be no further "occupation".

o) "We are the Palestinians whose roots are so deep in our land. We are an old, rich and hopeful people whose emancipation is incomplete. A people with a state recognized by 129 countries yet not completely free. A state interrupted. That’s what we’re about."

No, not correct. Palestinianism is the negation of Jewish nationalism. There was no state ever of "Palestine" and nothing was interrupted. Up until the early 1920s, the Arabs requested to be considered as Southern Syrians and the country to be united with Syria. They are so "old" that they can't recall who they are.

Arakeit, thank you so much for this piece of proaganda which will assist the Zionist effort to regain the true narrative in this conflict.



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Suzanne Pomeranz said...

in f) ... "Palestinian Christians are the descendants of Jesus..."

BUT - 1) the NT never says Jesus had children, so how could they be his descendants and 2) my recollection is that Jesus was JEWISH and actually did not start the religious institution of "Christianity"! HAH!