Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The West Bank Gets Historic for $55 - And More

West Bank in Great Falls, Montana:

The West Bank Historic District is the newest and smallest historic district in Great Falls, approved in August 2010. Signs help bolster historic areas, according to Ellen Sievert, city-county historic preservation officer. "It's for visitors and residents to learn about our fair city," Sievert said.

In the West Bank area, the city-county Historic Preservation Commission paid for one large sign for the six-building district...Historic signs receive a subsidy through bed-tax dollars collected by the state, so owners of historic structures pay only a small slice of what the sign is worth.

Signs marking a historic district cost just $55, and smaller signs for individual buildings cost only $35...In addition to the Cowboys Bar, the district includes a brick county shops building, a house near the bar and a blacksmith's shop from the days an oil refinery was located in the area.

Ain't that something.

But this is better "West Bank" news:

'Corrupt' West Bank government ministers to be put on trial

Palestinian reconciliation and the successful formation of a unity government are believed to be the lifeline for the current West Bank government which faces scandals.

Many of the West Bank cabinet's ministers will be interrogated by the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Committee and be put on trial over corruption charges.

Representatives at the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) will wage a fierce war against several corrupted ministers of the current Palestinian government should the Cairo reconciliation talks between the Palestinian factions fail, said a top Fatah official.

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