Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Inventive People Are Now Shooting at Each Other


Unidentified gunmen on Friday opened fire on the home of a local Fatah leader in the Jordan Valley.

Muhammad Abu al-Zour came under fire around midnight on Friday as he stepped out of a car outside his home. He was not injured in the incident although material damage was reported, a Ma'an correspondent said.

Secretary general of the Fatah movement in Nablus Mahmoud Shtayyeh denounced the attack.

But two days ago, we read:

Fatah, Hamas leaders debate PLO reform in Cairo

Palestinian factions, including Hamas, are "on the path joining" the Palestine Liberation Organisation, Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal told AFP Thursday following unity talks with Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas..."This is a new departure on the path to joining the PLO of all Palestinian movements", Meshaal said following the talks in the Egyptian capital.

The Hamas leader said there was "an excellent atmosphere" surrounding his meeting with Abbas, which also included Egyptian intelligence chief Murad Muwafi and Palestinian independents.

Independent MP Mustafa Barghouti said the participation of unaffiliated delegates such as himself and businessman Munib al-Masri alongside representatives of Hamas and Islamic Jihad was "a historic event."

So, are we on the verge of unity or yet another phase in the tribal and/or factional internecine warfare of this invented people?

And in reading this:

The Hamas premier of Gaza, Ismail Haniya, praised steps toward reconciliation taken by the Islamist group and its former rival Fatah, which were angrily denounced in Israel...“We want to pursue positive dialogue with Fatah from this point,” Haniya told journalists.

“Practical measures must however be taken, like the liberation of political prisoners from Hamas detained by Fatah,” he said, adding that Fatah must also stop its repeated questioning of Hamas supporters during investigations.

The reconciliation moves drew an angry response from Israel...“This alarming rapprochement between Abu Mazen (Abbas) and Hamas is aimed at forming a government that one can only say is aimed at bringing about a genocide,” Transport Minister Israel Katz of the right-wing Likud party said. “Since the dark days of Nazism, no other movement has set as its aim the killing of Jews,” he charged.

we need ask: Is the future to be one of reconciliation or one of eliminating rivals?

Or joining forces against Israel?


In Arabic:

Osama Hamdan, an official of the Foreign Relations bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas", confirmed that the expansion into the frame of leadership with the PLO is not a formal process under new Parties to the organization, but is strategic to the nature of the organization and political programs to be consistent with the goals of liberation and return...Hamdan denied in a statement Friday (23/12) that the talks about the
rebuilding of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the accession of "Hamas" to the framework of leadership is a beginning of the "tame" to reject "Hamas" and paid to enter the political process



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