Saturday, December 31, 2011

The "Arab Spring" Thwarted

From a LATimnes story:

"One era has ended," said [91-year-old Gamal] Banna, one of Islam's leading liberal thinkers. "But of the new era, we don't know exactly what is taking shape."

...His older brother, Hassan, who was a schoolteacher, founded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928. The younger Banna has often angered the group with his progressive interpretation of Islam..."The revolution," he said, "has lost its freedom."

..."The Islamists' parties are the big winners. The Islamists are established figures in this time of tumult. They have credibility and people are willing to give them a chance...

Well, that seems very certain and justifies what I and my more informed colleagues had said right at the beginning, that all this talk about democracy was wishful thinking when considering the forces of Islamism and the reality.


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