Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bill Clinton - Do You Believe Him?

Do you believe him?

Do you?


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Anonymous said...

If you have not figured out by now he is a puppet master for Islam, their is no hope for Israel. His ilk want Iran to go nuclear and eliminate a problem they are tired of dealing with. I have no pleasure in being blunt...and sometimes the truth hurts but in view of world conditions no one should have their heads buried in the sands of "Clintoness". He FOLLOWS THE MONEY and seems he has no honor for your race religiously speaking. And to make matters worse information released by wikileaks pertaining to his wife, could possibly lead to her being incarcerated indefinately by the Hague. So they are leading her around by the ear with a ring in it. She now must be subserviant to her masters. Islam has total control over her every move. Bill must find some way to spin it by mesmerizing the public with his supposed intellectual prowess... which he claims to possess. He is a carnival clown, a has been, and should be put out to pasture. Hillary is a beautiful woman, I love her very dearly and what that man has done to ruin her reputation is despicable.