Friday, December 30, 2011

Jerusalem Lions 54; Tel Aviv Sabres 22

My son's team won again.

Here's my wife's blog on it and her pciture of me and my friend who is the father of another outstanding player, Ben Schultz, on the team:

Football here is catching on.

Daniel Kraft, son of New England Patriots' owner, Robert Kraft, was in for Chanukah:

Just days before the New England Patriots took on the Miami Dolphins this week ... Robert Kraft's son was focused on another big football game ... in Israel.

...Daniel Kraft flew into Jerusalem a few days ago to check in on the Israel Football League ... a 10-team semi-pro organization largely supported by the Kraft family. The family is so involved with the league -- the field was named Kraft Stadium.

On Thursday, Daniel and his son were honored at the annual Hanukkah Bowl -- with his son lighting the menorah on night #3. After Daniel greeted the crowd in Hebrew, the Judean Rebels beat the living kreplach out of the Jerusalem Kings ... 66 to 20.

Pigskin -- finally kosher in Israel.

And I found an old story, here, which includes my wife's short clip, as described:

For example, during the Operation Lead Cast, I felt as safe here as I did in New Jersey/New York when the US invaded Iraq. The war really didn't "touch us." Thank G-d. While we had a few guys that were put on notice that they might get called up for active duty, that was about it. In regards to the IFL, that week we played the Jerusalem Lions and before the game we stood together in front of the crowd a said Pslam 121 for the IDF:



Batya said...

I had been wondering why it had so many views. (the wife)

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of creepy-looking Jews.

Football is an American sport. You Jew homos can't play worth crap.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that was me THE INCOG MAN commenting.

Got a problem with it?

I see you Jews are trying to start another World War. Maybe this time everyone will finally get it about you devious creeps.