Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mount of Olives Destruction - For the Record

In an interview (in Hebrew) in the weekly Ma'yanei HaYeshuah, 530, Sarah Barnea who leads tours through the cemetery on Mount of Olives notes that the destruction on the Mount during the 19 years of Jordanian occupation, which actually started following the halt of burials after February 25, 1948 until the Six Days' War of June 1967 included:

"the desecration of graves in an organized and systematic fashion. Seventy per cent of the gravestones were destroyed. Three army camps were built on the site using the gravestones for paving. The Jerusalem-Jericho highway was widened into the cemetery area on the graves and the Sefaradi section was covered over in dumped soil for the construction of a parking area."

In the original:

‬בט"ו‮ ‬באדר‮ ‬א'‮ ‬תש"ח‮ ‬(25.2.1948),‮ ‬לאחר‮ ‬הפיצוץ‮ ‬ברחוב‮ ‬בן‮ ‬יהודה,‮ ‬נפסקה‮ ‬הקבורה‮ ‬בהר.‮ ‬במשך‮ ‬תשע‮ ‬עשרה‮ ‬שנות‮ ‬השלטון‮ ‬הירדני,‮ ‬חולל‮ ‬והושחת‮ ‬בית‮ ‬הקברות,‮ ‬נעשה‮ ‬בו‮ ‬הרס‮ ‬מאורגן‮ ‬ושיטתי,‮ ‬שבעים‮ ‬אחוז‮ ‬מהמצבות‮ ‬נהרסו.‮ ‬שלושה‮ ‬מחנות‮ ‬צבאיים‮ ‬של‮ ‬הלגיון‮ ‬הירדני‮ ‬נבנו‮ ‬מהמצבות,‮ ‬כביש‮ ‬ירושלים-יריחו‮ ‬הורחב‮ ‬על‮ ‬גבי‮ ‬המצבות,‮ ‬ובחלקה‮ ‬הספרדית,‮ ‬ממערב‮ ‬לכביש,‮ ‬שפכו‮ ‬ערימות‮ ‬עפר‮ ‬על‮ ‬הקברים‮ ‬והקימו‮ ‬מגרש‮ ‬חניה".‮

And, by the way, desecration continues. And also here. Here, too.

That is so not proper, nice or cultured.

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