Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hamas as Simple as A and B

Simple as "A" and "B":

A. December 20:

Hamas on brink of renouncing armed resistance

Jane’s, an internationally respected British security and defense risk-analysis firm, has recently reported that Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, is on “the brink of renouncing armed resistance and moving to a policy of nonviolent resistance to Israel.” Jane’s...has several hard-to-ignore quotes in its report of Hamas leaders saying that the move was not “tactical” but “strategic.” Also interviewed are Palestinian Authority intelligence officers who said that Hamas’s strategy was “gradual and nuanced,” with one senior officer telling Jane’s that Hamas “intends to keep its military and security units to control the situation in Gaza, not necessarily to fight the Israelis.”...

...The report, written by my friend and colleague David Hartwell, Jane’s Middle East and Islamic affairs editor, argues that the springboard for this new strategic approach by Hamas is the Arab uprising...

B. December 21:

Hamas calls for forming Arab army to liberate Jerusalem

The Hamas department of refugee affairs urged Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya to work on forming an Arab army to
liberate the occupied Islamic city of Jerusalem from occupation.

In a press release, the department stressed the need to make the Palestinian refugees in Arab countries at the vanguard of this army...The first of these steps is to form Al-Quds brigade...The department said this idea was raised as a result of the escalating dangers threatening Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied Palestinian lands.

"We are confident that the battle for liberating Jerusalem has become closer than ever, and we are promised an imminent victory by God," it added.

Now, don't you think those experts above are just stupid and ridiculous?


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