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Turmos Aya Through Russian Eyes

If you go here, you can some great pictures of Turmos-Aya and Shiloh.

Lie this

and this

Seems a Russian-Israeli stopped by our neighborhood.

He was blown away by the beautiful homes the Arabs live in.

This is a Google translation version of the Russian:

The Unbearable Suffering of the Palestinian people in "Occupied Territories"

Recently, I had quite often go to 60 highway...In addition to passing along this road often becomes frightened, because both drivers drive here as if traffic rules were designed not for them, I'm an adult thinking about the truly inhumane suffering, bravely borne the heroic Palestinian people under the yoke of Israeli occupation...I know that many people do not like it, but the truth about our atrocities should be published.

...the Village Turmus Aya (if it can be called a village, not the palace complex) looks so beautiful and rich that I could not resist, and decided to drop in. After passing a couple of kilometers from the main street, I noticed that about a third of cars have Israeli facilities. Seeing the three brand-new luxury palace on top of one of the hills, I wanted to drive up close to capture these unbearable sufferings of impoverished Palestinians.

However, one of the streets, I took a wrong turn and ran aground. While I was turning from one of the houses came a little peasant, and asked me in Arabic, what I'm doing here and who's that. I replied in the same dialect, that I - the correspondent of the newspaper Ha-Aretz, "and that because Turmus Aya - a very beautiful place, I came here in order to capture him. And then my car died out... Sh*t!!! A peasant called for mobile and called someone. A minute later came a jeep, from which sprang a little stocky, unshaven, a Palestinian in a suit with a portable radio, greeted me and politely asked for my documents. With him was another tall and wearing modern Arabic, which, with a smile asked me whether I also in English. Then a stocky ruler radio called on mobile, and handed it to me. It turned out that he vyzvonil Palestinian police officer responsible for the area. The officer spoke on pure Hebrew, and wondered what had happened. Once I explained to him, he asked me if I need help with repairing the car. I replied that I had a problem with electricity, and that in five minutes everything will be fine.

In the meantime, I was invited into the house, brought coffee, and ensued casual conversation. "Above all, do not worry, dude" - they told me. It was found that chunky works in the Palestinian security bodies, and arrived, as he was afraid that I was attacked by local youths, and threw stones at my car. The second told me that he was actually already 12 years living in America, he was 33 years, he has six children, and he earns a living selling Buchloe (being a master of Liquor shop) - this is the last he told me, grinning. I prefer not to ask a Muslim or not, because it was obvious that after so. Chunky boasted that he had nine children and two wives, and that he was sitting in an Israeli jail, and that a year ago, the Israeli army destroyed his house for illegal possession of weapons. He said this with a chuckle.

When I asked how many people live in Turmus Aya, I was told that actually about four and a half thousand people live there, but besides them there are about two thousand people living in North America and in Saudi Arabia. Five minutes later, my car started, I thanked everyone and stocky told me to follow him to the exit of the village. Thus ended my visit to the village of Turmus Aya.

Now couple clever thoughts about the situation in the West Bank, in particular, and in Israel, as a whole.

First, acutely self-criticism. Several times the delivery of Israeli religious hitchhiker (living in Samaria), and passing through one or another Palestinian village, unpretentious, I asked them, what is its name. I'm just interested, I'm really curious. I'm not a garbage educated, and taught me to be curious.

In response - a thundering silence. Like "I do not know nothing, and in general you're probably provocateur, or at least - fag, if you come to mind to ask questions such a plan." This is me, frankly, mad. This means that from your point of view, people who live a mile from you, and where you see all the time, the type is not there. They have no name, no name, and you do not notice them. Type even if he is your enemy, then you do not see at close range, his tongue did not understand the customs are unfamiliar. There is only a virtual reality in your head that you told my parents-rabbi-and-other-wise-teacher. This is not evidence of sagacity and high intelligence. That - the certificate and the limited mentality of the ghetto. But this time, enough about that, then somehow continue, big time.

And now a few words on underprivileged heroic stalwart Palestinian residents of Israeli-occupied territories. Well, it turns out, many of them are much better off than we are with you. That is, they live simply magically. In the middle of breathtaking scenery dominate most luxurious palaces with tile roofs (do they have learned from the Jews), and around the gardens of fruit trees and thousands of olive trees. Friends residing in the area about twenty years, summed up situevinu, saying that when she arrived here, the Palestinians were traveling on donkeys, and now on Mercy and Humvees. As someone who has arisen many times in Jordan, I can say that the "occupied territories", the march, the Palestinians live on average much better than there. And not only Palestinians and Arabs in general. And, as you know, Jordan - not the poorest Arab country, I say nothing about Egypt. Looking dust-free view of Palestinian villages and Jewish settlements in Samaria, I would say that, in material terms, the Arabs, probably live more freely than Samaria Jews.

To conclude, I want to say next. I've always considered myself a pretty occupier, while never for a second zaparivayas on moral aspects of their position. But the more I live in this country, the more I get, not only sweet, but still proud and occupier. If unhappy occupied by the population lives so magically, I suppose I should be proud of their country and its occupation policies. The only thing I stomps, so it is from what I can not understand - if they are so good, so why so many of us believe that we must be bad?

Soon, will try to put a post about my political views, wait.


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