Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New York Times "Attacks" Gaza: Israel's Fault

Another long article, after that tax-exemption piece.

They keep chipping away there at the New York Times. A real sob-story.

Trapped. Despair.

I've selected one short section of the new article on Gaza to illustrate the problem:-

The Palestinians of Gaza, most of them descended from refugees of the 1948 war that created Israel, have lived through decades of conflict and confrontation. Their scars have accumulated like layers of sedimentary rock, each marking a different crisis — homelessness, occupation, war, dependency.

Today, however, two developments have conspired to turn a difficult life into a new torment: a three-year blockade by Israel and Egypt that has locked them in the small enclave and crushed what there was of a formal local economy; and the bitter rivalry between Palestinian factions, which has undermined identity and purpose, divided families and caused a severe shortage of electricity in the middle of summer.


a) those "decades of conflict" should fairly be divided among Israel and Egypt.

Egypt kept the Gazans under military government, worse than Jordan which at least granted them citizenship (although they kept them basically in ghettos by not allowing them to integrate into the regular population centers. For example, the resident of Al-Amari camp in south Ramallah could not move down the street, out of the camp. I took a British MK, one Anthony Steen, there in the mid-1980s before the first intifada.

b) "created by Israel"? or created by Arab aggression against a UN resolution based on partition and compromise?

c) "1948 war that created Israel"? sorry we Jewish people created Israel. the world or whomever just watched and assisted.

d) "conspired"? a bit dark that.

e) it is not just a "bitter faction rivlary" but Hamas being voted in through the democratic process on the one hand and no people's protest to get them out of the mess they created for themselves.

But would the NYTimes really go that deep into understanding the Arab-Israel conflict?

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NormanF said...

If you read through the entire article, you learn two things: Hamas has no intention of creating a viable state and the hatred of Israel runs deep.

They cannot solve their own problems. Israel should not solve theirs for them.

And until they do, there will never be peace.

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