Thursday, May 10, 2007

Qatar Reports on No PA Quorum

And today, we bring you news from...Qatar. From the Peninsula Daily (okay, they lifted it from Reuters and left out some stuff but what could I do?).

Infighting paralyses Palestinian House

Palestinians are crying out for order and progress towards statehood, yet their parliament has failed to pass a single law in over a year, paralysed by factional fighting and, some say, Israeli tactics.

In the 15 months since voters rallied behind the Hamas Islamist group, the 11-year-old Palestinian Legislative Council has rarely managed to gather the 67 members, a simple majority, to form a quorum for decisions. It has yet to pass a bill...Frustrated independent lawmakers have accused both blocs of deliberately sabotaging the parliament and members of both main movements accept things need to change.

“Both factions are afraid the other will present bills that are against the interests of the other,” said Hassan Khreisheh, the independent member who is deputy Speaker...When deputy Speaker Khreisheh announced a quorum at one recent session, there were sighs and applause from lawmakers in the chamber in Ramallah in the West Bank and those, mainly from Hamas, participating via video link from the Gaza Strip, a feature imposed on the assembly by Israeli travel restrictions.

“It’s like a miracle we reached a quorum,” Azzam al-Ahmad, head of Fatah’s parliamentary bloc, said. But the session found no breakthrough on legislation politicians say would benefit Palestinians suffering from violence and from the economic sanctions imposed by Israel and Western powers a year ago after Hamas’s election victory.

Even the formation of a Hamas-Fatah unity government has not perceptibly fostered cooperation, analysts say, though there have been occasional successful votes—on largely non-binding issues such as condemning Israeli detention policy or building work near holy sites.

Did you catch that? Building. Building?

Israel is conducting an archeological dig.

P.S. And if you thought that was an unauthorized addition by Qatar, check here and you'll find it at the official Reuters site. Reporter = Mohammed Assadi.

Assadi seems top be quite active. Check out here. Honest Reporting has noted his bias already.

And if you're into media bias, check this "study" for a laugh.

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