Sunday, May 13, 2007

Post-Zionism or Plain Stupidity?

the excavation of this tomb of Herod was carried out in occupied territory, where Israel has no moral right to dig and certainly not to remove archaeological artifacts. In the enlightened world, what Israel is doing is called robbery.


The rush to declare that this is Herod's grave recalls various vain attempts by local archaeologists to deceive the world with sensational discoveries that have little connection to reality and which dissipate like soap bubbles: beginning with the dubious Josiah inscription, which turned out to be a forgery; continuing with the fraudulent James Ossuary, reputed to be that of Jesus' brother; the family tomb of Jesus' family, that recently caused a baseless sensation; not to mention the cave discovered in the Judean Hills a couple of years ago, which, based on a few blurred carvings on its walls, was attributed to John the Baptist, with the same certainty and insistence that the same Jerusalem professor is now attributing four broken stones to Herod.

Benny Tziffer, Haaretz culture editor

Sorry, but this is too idiotic for words.

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Suzanne Pomeranz said...

Winkie - don't be "sorry" - HE is the idiot, not you. If it was up to Ziffer, there wouldn't be an Israel - at least not the one G-d intended (and unfortunately, these days it looks like he's getting his wish...).