Monday, May 28, 2007

Irish-Catholic Hareidi Convert Comedian

A great interview here.

And with whom is it?

With Yisrael Campbell who has a show, "It's Not In Heaven".

Yisrael Campbell, orthodox Jewish convert and stand-up comedian, speaks to Owen Bennett-Jones. Our guest this week made a choice which changed the course of his life fundamentally. Christopher Campbell was a teenage alcoholic and drug addict whose Irish-American Catholic background meant little to him.

Searching for a way to make sense of life, he stumbled upon a copy of a novel - Exodus - which changed everything. Something about the Jewish experience related in the book touched him deeply, and he began a long process towards conversion, and, ultimately, the status he now enjoys - a strictly orthodox Jew, a naturalised Israeli, with a new name - Yisrael.

A stand up comedian by profession, he draws on his experiences to bring a rare insight into a religious, emotional and political journey which has been far from easy.

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