Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weblogs - The Influential Citizen News Source

Another academic treatment of what we do here:-

Globalization and the internet have created a space for news and political discourse that overrides geography and increases opportunities for non-mainstream, citizen-based news sources. Drawing a distinction between emerging citizen and professional media, this study examines one rapidly expanding and increasingly influential citizen news source — weblogs. We analyzed the linking patterns, the online network led to by six of the most popular news and political weblogs to study their relationship to other weblogs and the traditional professional news media in the USA and internationally. Findings suggest a more complementary relationship between weblogs and traditional journalism and less echo-chamber political insularity than typically assumed. The blogosphere relies heavily on professional news reports and half of its linked-to sites can be considered non-partisan.


Mapping the blogosphere
Professional and citizen-based media in the global news arena

Stephen D. Reese
University of Texas at Austin, USA,
Lou Rutigliano
University of Texas at Austin, USA,
Kideuk Hyun
University of Texas at Austin, USA,
Jaekwan Jeong
University of Texas at Austin, USA,

Journalism, Vol. 8, No. 3, 235-261 (2007)

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