Friday, May 25, 2007

Shiloh - in Ontario, Canada!

Council looks at Shiloh dump options

Local News - A site inspection and review of historical documentation by Site Investigation Services will allow Cramahe Township to look at options for the resolution of the Shiloh landfill issue.

Residents whose properties surround the private landfill site closed in 1979, want restrictions on development taken off their land. Some would like materials in the landfill removed.

Stephen Ash spoke for the consulting company at the May 15 meeting of Cramahe council. He outlined the goals his company had in the investigation.

It was to see if the holding provision which limited development could be removed, based on investigation and documentation.

If that was not possible, he was to outline what additional studies must be done and information required to reduce the area covered by the holding provision.

On the whole, his results were positive.

Groundwater samples taken in 1989 from nearby Biddy Creek showed no impairment of the water entering the creek. The Ministry of the Environment report of those tests suggested that future impact of the landfill on the creek was unlikely.

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