Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Steve Plaut comments on the Ha'aretz newspaper's predeliction to use the term "Terrorism" only when Jews kill Arabs.

Newspapers love reversal of roles and stereotypes. When Arabs murder Jews simply because they are Jews, it is hardly news. THAT happens all the time. Boring!

Haaretz, Israel's leftwing Post-Zionist daily, sometimes called the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, has never been very interested in Arabs murdering Jews because they are Jews. Following the lead of the overseas Bash-Israel media, Haaretz always refers to such perps as "activists" and "militants". The "T" word (terrorism) is never used to refer to Arab murders of Jews in stories at Haaretz.

But let a Jew go and murder an Arab, and Haaretz runs banner headlines about "Jewish terrorism"

How well I remember the Arab claims after stabbings on Jaffa Road that the murdering young man was majhnun, crazy, unbalanced.

What, Jews can't be mentally disturbed?

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