Thursday, May 17, 2007

BBC-cloned IBA

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) was roundly criticised by Melanie Phillips here and I bring you an excerpt because it sounds so line the media bias pattern we in Israel get from the IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority and other public electronic networks):

So he then started spluttering — causing Bolton to make a remark about the extreme left-wing bias Humphrys was revealing by his questions. This was the one error Bolton made: he assumed that the visceral anti-war, anti-American bias he was correctly picking up from Humphrys’s ever-more self-revealing questions must be left-wing, whereas it is of course the default position of what passes for the British centre-ground...

...As a demonstration of the astounding prejudices of the BBC mindset, the loaded nature of its questioning and the assumptions it makes about its interviewees, and the circular fact that by definition such a mindset makes it simply impossible for it to acknowledge even the possibility that it might have descended from the summit of Mount Objectivity into the gutter of twisted journalism, the spat could hardly be bettered. The BBC is now a totally closed thought system...

This echoes so well to my ears and eyes.

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