Sunday, May 13, 2007

More Arab Logic

Even when we are engaged in self-flagellation, we still can't please an Arab:-

Roger Cohen ("Israel's open society takes leaders to task," Globalist, May 2) makes a good case for why Israel, which is able to investigate and criticize its war against Lebanon last year, provides an example to Arab neighbors in the areas of public accountability and openness. Indeed, there is much within Israel of which neighboring Arabs can be envious: freedom of movement and world-class civil, legal and security infrastructures.

Arab countries bear the responsibility for establishing equivalent institutions, but the moderate internal forces capable of doing so will never gain momentum unless Israel acknowledges and makes amends for the immense suffering it has caused its neighbors. When this occurs, Israel will disqualify the extremists from the discussion and move on to becoming a properly respected and an exemplary society for the region.

Alexander Asseily, Beirut

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