Thursday, May 10, 2007

Away from Her, Not Yesha

I have to admit, for a few seconds I thought that I had spied a new anti-Yesha slogan.

There it was on a poster and it read "sometimes you have to let go of what you can't live without".

Oh no, I said, before looking more closely, another piece of snappy copywriting from the left-wing. Give up Yesha even though it's your Homeland, your patrimony. Give it up even though you've spent the last 40 years developing it like no other people could have or even tried. Give up Yesha even though it will endanger your security in the former 1967 borders. Give it up because American friendship and support is needed more.

And then, as my eyes adjusted to the poster, it became apparent that it's only a movie, called "Away From Her".


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