Sunday, February 25, 2007

Yeshayhu Leibowitz's Call for Civil War & Refusal to Serve

I came across this clipping I had been saving and I figured now is as best a time as ever to put it up (before I lose it again).

It's entitled, "Prof. Leibowitz to Soldiers: Refuse to Serve in the Territories - Appeared at Tel Aviv University and announced: A civil war is not the greatest tragedy than can happen to us".

Here's the Hebrew original -

Now, I just wanted this up here for the record. This icon of the far-left, who viewed him as their secular saint although he was a Halachic as the best, couldn't give a darn about Jewish blood.

And what is the greatest tragedy a la Leibowitz?

National consensus of evil foolishness and foolish evil.

Sop, now, paraphrasing what George Bernard Shaw once said, it's now only a matter of who is the fool.

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