Monday, February 26, 2007

And The List Goes On

The list of Pal. grievances goes on.

Apartheid. Humanitarian woes. We poison them. We starve them. We thirst them out. Their sanitation is problematic (but see below what they do with their sewerage pipes).

The claims, the lies, the exagerations ("The current pressure being exerted on Palestinians is, he tells me, nothing less than "torture", says Dr. Mousa) and more importantly, ignoring their terror, their violence, their fabrications like the Mugrahbi Gate digging. And their harming the environment.

And read this in this new article:- Palestinians: The Crisis in Medical Care

Palestinians have been unable to make use of the press and televi-sion to present their story in a strong and convincing way to the world.

The message is:-

In short, Palestinians are laying the foundation for sustainable self-reliance in a territory where people have reluctantly come to understand that they can rely on no one but themselves. The struggle over Palestine was once a battle against an occupier over territorial self-determination. It is now an urgent fight for self-preservation.

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