Monday, February 12, 2007

The List of the Top Temple Mount Ten

Just in, anonymously.

Top Ten Palestinian Objections to Archaeological Restoration in Jerusalem

10. All that digging is bound to unearth all their hidden weapons

9. If the Israelis restore things, how can we complain that it's broken?

8. None of those newly-discovered ancient texts ever say anything good about suicide bombing

7. Like distorting history isn't hard enough already

6. Protest first, explain later

5. Artifacts like ancient pots and pans make Palestinians long for the "luxury" items their leaders can't provide... like pots and pans

4. They oppose any Israeli activities beyond the internationally-accepted borders of 6,700 BCE

3. Shovels are much better used for honor killings

2. Foreign archaeologists aren't as fun to behead as foreign journalists

And the number ONE Palestinian Objection to Archaeological Restoration in Jerusalem:

1. History isn't for discovering; it's for destroying!

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