Thursday, February 22, 2007

Settlement Houses

No, not this:-

Israel is building 3,000 homes in Jewish settlements on the occupied West Bank and their continued growth could make a viable Palestinian state impossible, the Peace Now group said on Wednesday. The anti-settlement watchdog said the number of settlements had not risen in 2006 but their population rose by 5 percent -- three times the growth in Israel.

"The settlement blocs are becoming bigger and bigger and actually getting deeper into the West Bank," Peace Now director general Yaariv Oppenheimer told Reuters.


Ann Barzel, a dance writer and historian whose tenacity and passion for the art form were legendary, died on Feb. 12 in Chicago. She was 101. Her death was confirmed by George Dorris, a dance historian and friend.

Ms. Barzel liked to say she started her career at 9 when she looked up the word “dance” in an encyclopedia. Soon after, she said in a 1996 interview in The New York Times, she began to study “a mild sort of ballet” for 25 cents a week at the Jewish Settlement House in Des Moines, where she grew up.

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