Sunday, February 11, 2007

Joint Statement

Joint Statement by Mattot Arim, Professors for a Strong Israel and Women in Green:

Jews Abroad, Do Not Remain Silent At This Time!

a. We would like to alert Jewish communities and Jewish leaders worldwide that the U.S. State Department and members of the Quartet, in conjunction with unpopular Israeli Prime Minister Olmert are, at this time, initiating a new political process to push forward the establishment of still another Islamic state, this time in Judea and Samaria. This alarming development has been reported in the past few weeks by leading newspapers such as the Washington Post and Boston Globe, and was corroborated by the Prime Minister's Statement to the Conference of Presidents on 6 February.

b. Israel's recent attempt to set up a Palestinian entity in the Gaza Strip, by expelling the Jews and handing over the land and resources to Gazan Arabs, has resulted in the degeneration of peaceful, Jewish Gush Katif into violent, chaotic, terror-ridden Gush Hamas. Since no one has any idea how to handle the Gaza fiasco, how to stop the steady flow of armaments into Palestininan Gaza or even how to bring a stop to the internal bloodshed, it is absolutely clear that that same disastrous experiment should not be repeated in Judea and Samaria.

c. It is also clear that the fall of Judea and Samaria will inevitably lead to the fall of the only Jewish state in the world. Judea and Samaria directly overlook Israel's population centers as well as Israel's major international airport. Whoever controls Judea and Samaria controls, not only Israel's chief water resources, but also the skies of Israel, that no amount of security measures can guarantee. An additional Islam state can only spell disaster, not only to the future of Israel, but to the safety and security of the entire Western world. Rewarding terror begets more terror.

d. Consequently, we urge all Jews: Conservative, Orthodox and Reform; left and right; rabbis, leaders, lay persons and members of the Jewish press; and all friends of Israel wherever they may be, not to remain silent at this difficult time. It is incumbent upon all who hold Israel and her people dear to their hearts, to publicly intercede on Israel's behalf.

e. Israel needs your help now, to thwart this existential danger! Every Jew and every friend of Israel can be of immediate individual assistance by personally contacting their local leaders, Jewish organizations and media to express their deep concern about the Palestinian-state track, and to demand immediate action, particularly in the United States, to thwart this danger. Pressure from abroad will serve to strengthen the strong grass-roots movements in Israel that work around the clock against the creation of another terrorist state, this time in Judea and Samaria.

*Dr. Amy Rosenbluh, Chair, Professors for a Strong Israel
*Ruth and Nadia Matar, Co-Chairs, Women in Green
*Susie Dym, Spokesperson, Mattot Arim

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