Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'm for OrthoMom, Too

I won't write much on this topic of OrthoMom (my preferred spelling) but will simply you point you in all the right directions (after all, this is the MyRightWord blog, right?).

OrthoMom may be sued.

Muqata joins in.

Even grumpy DovBear is excited.

All these sites include other sites and comments so you can spend until Purim reading (like Krum, Canonist and the very latest up to publication at OrthoMom again).

But one comment of my own:

MyRightWord is not an anonymous blog. I've put my face on this, literally and otherwise. Although all you out their in your wisdom have decided not to clog up my site with hundreds of comments (you'd think I never say anything controversial - and I can't believe you all agree with me), I think I did the right thing.

Those who have chosen to go Ploni ben Almoni may run into difficulties.

But dearest OrthoMom, we're right behind you!

Give me Freedom of Speech and Expression or Give Me Less-Than-Death Punishment!

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