Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Winograd Ad

The Winograd Committee was established by the government of Israel to review the last military operation in Lebanon this past summer.

The coalition of anti-gov't forces, organized uder the umbrella of "The Reservists", have placed ads in the papers (my copy is from Haaretz), following the last of those to give testimony having appeared.

Here is the ad (in two parts):


You have investigated Olmert for 7 hours and heard all his explanations, excuses and
avoiding telling the full truth.

You asked him about the cynical appointment of Peretz as Defense Minister, the hurried cabinet meeting, the refuted war aims, the criminal abandoment of the home front.

You know now the great measure of the failure.
You comprehend surely that if you do not draw the conclusions for him that he will remain on his seat and manage the next war.

Olmert is betting on your fear.

The Peple of Israel are betting on your courage

The Reservists.

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