Thursday, February 22, 2007

So, Have They Resorted to Fists?

Have these girls been reading us bloggers?
(cont'd after the clipping)

Recently, OrthoMom posted her support for Gil Student's (aka Hirhurim) suggestion that Jewish women who are being assaulted should fight back - with Mace (although at OM I had suggested a camera).

According to the above article from Thursday's Ma'ariv, a Yeshiva bachur (no, not this one although maybe this one) propsitioned a seminary girl in a Hareidi town in Yesha. Yup, according to the story, it was a matter of S-x for Money.

She told her friends and classmates, they marched over to the Yeshiva, spotted the supposed felon, started yelling at him, his friends came to his aid and before you could say Jake Rabinowitz, the girls had beat up the boys. Feminine fisticuffs.

Well, are we now into a new age? Or do these girls go to gym and workout sessions?

In anycase, I would strongly suggest Yeshiva bochrim sticking with a blatt gemara.


Anonymous said...

Is that the definition of a "Frum Spanking," then?

YMedad said...

How about Low Five?

Anonymous said...

So embarassing!

YMedad said...

For the young men? Being outed and then beaten up?