Wednesday, February 21, 2007

...And Now, The Sheitel

Okay, Marilyn Monroe and Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor all married Jewish guys.

Then Madonna went for Kabbalah.

And now, Britney Spears, after her Jewish boy friend and her Magen David pendant,

has gone all the way.

First, she shaves off all her hair (a la Meah She'arim?) while wearing the Magen David.

And next, yes, a sheitel:-

(Found here)

Why can't these ladies just do with what they are?



She's getting a bit violent.


Sholom said...
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YMedad said...

I don't like unnecessary expletives.
Sholom wrote:

Who is Britney Spears and why are all the people getting so excited about her hair?

Anonymous said...

Why,Jews soooo busy with stupid
tuna head,called britney spears?
She is all over media.For nothing!
So what? Wig? Big Deal!

YMedad said...

a) because she is all over the media;
b) because I find it amazing that a Louisiania lass who was at the top of her profession becomes enamored with a Jew, wears a Jewish star pendant and then shaves off her hair, mimicking the Ultra-Orthodox custom and then puts on a wig.
c) because it looks humorous and I don't mind a bit of fun.
d) it's a free country and I can do more or less what I want without harming anyone.