Saturday, February 17, 2007

My New Op-ed at the Jerusalem Post

If you go now (and for how long, I haven't the foggiest) you can see my op-ed as the premier item in the Opinions section.


But I presume that will alter soon.

The article itself is here and here.

And the full, pre-edited version entitled The Modulations of a Meddling Media is now here.


beniyyar said...

First of all, Yisrael, I remember well your commentaries in the Jerusalem Post and I sorely miss them. You were about the only commmentator who would take on the one sided, monotonous, obnoxious, and Left of center media monopolies which dominate our news services. I believe I even wrote a letter of protest at your dismissal by the Post, something I also did for Sarah Honig, but it apparently did not help much. Anyway, I fully agree with you that we get far too much of the worthless tripe from the same burned out Left wing journalists. The fact is that there is almost certainly large market for a conservative, both politically and economically, and of course, nationalist, news provider here in Israel. And I have to ask why one hasn't been established here. (I don't mean Aruz Sheva, although they do a good job,they have been effectively silenced by the Left and we need an organization which would be considered mainstream.) Certainly the money is available, even if it must come from abroad, and there are plenty of able nationalist commentators here, yourself, Uri Orhbach, Sarah Honig, Caroline Glick, etc. Those of us in the nationalist camp should also be producing movies and documentaries here to counter the negative propaganda produced ad nauseam by our Jewish Israeli anti Israel counterparts like Haim Yavin.

YMedad said...

I can only respond by saying I fully agree with you and am quite frustrated at the lack of ability of those right-of-center who cannot support a nationalist sounding board.